Thomas Flynn appears in Tom Ratcliffe’s debut play, Circa, exploring the blurred identity of the gay relationship in the modern age. Investigating one man’s romantic life over a period of thirty years.

Circa is at The Old Red Lion Theatre 5th – 30th March 2019.

You’re appearing in Circa at The Old Red Lion, what can you tell us about it?

Hello! Circa follows the story of one man’s life over 30 years. It’s an exploration of what it means to be a gay man navigating your way through love and relationships in the 21st century.

What do you like most about your character?

Well, I’m playing three different characters in this play! I’m portraying ‘The Man’ through his younger years and then I pop back up again in his later life playing two of his future encounters. All three characters are completely different and I’m really enjoying the challenge of lifting these three interesting young men off the page.

What excites you the most about Tom Ratcliffe’s writing?

Tom is an absolutely brilliant playwright. He writes with such precision and deftness. He isn’t afraid to challenge his actors and his audience with his themes, but it never ever feels hammy or contrived. He writes truthful characters having truthful conversations in the most beautifully honest and simple way. From speaking to audience members afterwards, all of them have told me they have recognised themselves in each of the scenes from the play. He’s an exciting writer and it’s a joy to say his words.

Why do you think The Old Red Lion is a great venue for Circa?

Circa is a play of intimate and private moments and that description couldn’t sum up The Old Red Lion theatre space any better. The space lends itself to a naturalistic play. They’re a perfect fit for each other. Backstage, you can feel the history of the theatre in its full glory – it’s a romantic little space.

How have you and your fellow cast mates been getting to know each other?

Director Andy (Twyman) has introduced us all to a game called ‘King John’. Anyone who has played it will know it’s an incredibly stressful, competitive and harrowing game — so that… and lots of post rehearsal beers.

What would you say to anyone thinking of coming to see Circa?

COME, BOOK YOUR TICKET AT ONCE!! I joke, but it isn’t just a play that will strike a chord with the gay community. I think everyone will relate to the themes of this play – It explores love and relationships and how they impact our lives. I think no matter your gender or sexuality, I can guarantee it will resonate with you on some level. Promise.

Images courtesy of Lidia Crisafulli

Greg is an award-winning writer with a huge passion for theatre. He has appeared on stage, as well as having directed several plays in his native Scotland. Greg is the founder and editor of Theatre Weekly


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