Having launched their 2018 programme with Dai Fujikura Portrait, Avex Classics International return to the renowned Wigmore Hall on Saturday 2nd June with an exciting second recital. This special concert will feature an all Rachmaninov programme performed by Rachmaninov Specialist and multi award-winning cellist Yuki Ito with acclaimed pianist Sofya Gulyak. This will be the first time that Wigmore Hall has presented an all-Rachmaninov programme on cello.

We spoke to Yuki Ito to find out more.

The All Rachmaninov Programme is at Wigmore Hall on 2nd June 2018.

Tell us about your all Rachmaninov Programme coming to Wigmore Hall?

It has always been my dream to give All-Rachmaninov-Recital at Wigmore Hall and it is my real honour that I am to realise it as the first ever cellist in history!

When did you start playing the Cello, and what made you pick the instrument?

I started playing the instrument when I was six years old. I had previously picked up a violin but one day I questioned myself; “Why am I standing to play while my teacher is sitting…?” As a result, I chose playing the cello because I can sit.

Where did your love of Rachmaninov come from?

I has been in my heart since I was born, it was already there when I realised it.

Why is Wigmore Hall a good venue for your performance?

Wigmore Hall is undoubtedly one of the best and most prestigious halls in the world, especially for string instrument’s recital. It is my pleasure to make this recital on the same stage as those historical legends.

You’re performing with Sofya Gulyak, how did the partnership come about?

I first played with Sofya when we made a CD album “Rachmaninov Complete Cello Works”. I most look forward to playing with her again on this occasion!

What would you say to anyone thinking of coming along?

Rachmaninov’s romanticism reminds everyone who listens to it of something that one shouldn’t forget. With an ethereal list of his works in one concert, it will surely be a nice afternoon!

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