Mr. Adam to Have UK Premier at The 02


Coming to the O2 in March 2021 for its UK premiere, Mr. Adam is a dynamically modern multi-arts cross-media extravaganza. The work of Welsh composer Sir Karl Jenkins has been transformed into a narrative piece by Kairat Kulbaev, Marat Bisengaliev, Vasily Barkhatov, and The Almaty Symphony Orchestra, who have combined digital design with powerful performance for a classical concert like no other!

The production integrates innovative Black Trax technology to enable real-time tracking of 14 frames onstage so that compelling projections are layered with seamless choreography and symphonic performance to create a revolutionary approach to presenting classical music.

This live digital experience sees sixteen musicians perform live alongside pre-filmed scenes of the orchestra artists as well as actors, vloggers, ballet dancers, and children.

The production immerses the audience in the life of one man, an everyman: Mr. Adam. Taking place across sixteen episodes, the show tells a touching and hilarious story of birth, life, love, war and death to explore the power of humanity, community, and dreams. The incredible eclectic music by Sir Karl Jenkins is saturated with nomadic folk sound and national Kazakh musical instruments to give a unique charm and originality to Mr. Adam’s life.

Mr. Adam soloist for the Almaty Symphony Orchestra, Marat Bisengaliev comments, I’m really honoured to be part of this unique show – the brainchild of my dear friend and crazy dreamer, Kairat Kulbayev. This show has all the ingredients to become a success story: beautiful music by the most popular modern composer Karl Jenkins, the genius of the show creator Vasily Barkhatov, and our young, talented musicians who were carefully cherry-picked for this show.

The Almaty Symphony Orchestra brought together talented musicians unafraid of experimenting, exploring new horizons and features in their work. This unique team integrates high-end modern technologies with virtuoso performance to create truly spectacular shows for audiences both new and familiar with classical music.

Mr. Adam is at the 02 19th – 21st March 2021.  Tickets are on sale here.

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