Preview: Bard in the Yard

Ben Galpin Bard in the Yard
Ben Galpin Bard in the Yard

Bard in The Yard is a 40-minute long socially distanced one-person show that will be performed in the private gardens, courtyards, parks and outdoor spaces of London.

Will is stuck. Badly Stuck. It’s 1605, the plague has taken hold of London, and while everyone around him seems to be having the most productive quarantine imaginable, he’s hopelessly trying to write his new play. And everyone’s expecting it to be a masterpiece…

He’s coming to your garden of London to have a socially-distanced brainstorm on where to begin. During his monologue, the Bard will revisit his greatest hits in order to reignite his inspiration by performing extracts from ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’, ‘Henry V’ and many more. His journey from the working title of ‘The Most Lamentable Comedy of King Leonardo, his Three Daughters and their Dogwill take twists and turns through moments of song, stage-combat and tales of 16th century London life.

Written and Directed by Victoria Baumgartner, a Swiss–Ukrainian writer and director who writes and directs plays inspired by the Bard’s universe, aimed at curious and specialized audiences alike.

15 actors take on the role of the bard at different performances, they come to you from the National Theatre, the BBC, Game of Thrones, Frantic Assembly, The Hollow Crown, Outlander, Call the Midwife, Doctors, Secret Cinema, and many more outstanding credits.

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