Preview: Cheating Death at The Cockpit

Cheating Death at The Cockpit
Cheating Death at The Cockpit

Waking up in a coffin is a dreaded nightmare for most. Waking up in a coffin at your own funeral to find your girlfriend and her new lover (who she cheated on you with) planning to move into the flat you shared (that, by the way, you own) is probably worse. But that’s exactly what happens to John Jones.

To say John is having a bad day is an understatement. Remembering only a car crash with a hazy sense of having been in hospital, coupled with some exceedingly strange dreams, Max Nowaz’s Cheating Death is a play packed with dark humour and staged with wit and originality as it follows John’s attempts to crawl back to normality.

This is the first staged play from established novelist Max Nowaz. Max has enjoyed notable success with books for both children, including Timbi’s Dream and for adults including The Arbitrator and Get Rich or Get Lucky (all Troubador Publishing). Now, he turns his trademark style of sharp wit, gallows humour and surrealism to the stage.

Cheating Death is directed by Poor School graduate, Sophie Wilson, with cast Alex Pitcher, Nicola Mae Begley, Lucy Beresford-Knox, Jake Botterell and Frankie Hyde-Peace also all graduates of The Poor School, Islington, London.

Cheating Death is at The Cockpit 21st February – 10th March 2019.

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