Preview: Earth A Children’s Story for Adults at The Vaults

Earth at The Vaults
Earth at The Vaults

Drop, a little boy, dreams of becoming an astronaut. Every night he looks at the sky and wonders about the existence of stars and planets. Earth, takes a human form and quenches his curiosity by narrating stories about the Sun, the moon and the little stars shining in the sky.

They begin to form a transcendent bond but a natural calamity wrecks their lives and compels drop to begin a voyage to an alternate planet. Earth warns him that no one in the Universe will accept humans and their only hope is to save Earth.

Bewildered by the challenges of finding a new world and confused by the existential crisis of nature, Drop finally asks Earth that why does she only talk to him? This play is a reminiscent of the mystical and curious connection we have with nature as a child and why it’s important to nurture this connection as we grow up. Hence, a children’s story for adults.

Come and Celebrate EARTH day with us !!

Earth is at The Vaults 22nd – 25th April 2020. Tickets are on sale here.

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