Preview: Run It Back at Hackney Showroom

Run It Back devisers come together for the first time. Photo by Sanaa Abstrakt (1)
Run It Back devisers come together for the first time. Photo by Sanaa Abstrakt (1)

Run It Back is a powerful, exciting, immersive new show from Talawa Theatre Company. Directed by movement director Coral Messam Run It Back brings rave to theatre, exploring how Black British music liberates, connects and divides while fighting to stay alive in the face of disappearing spaces and changing legislation. Run It Back features dance, physical theatre and a live DJ set from award-winning DJ Conrad Kira to ignite the action.

This production is the latest in a string of sell-out shows from TYPT, Talawa Theatre Company’s annual collaboration with emerging Black theatre makers, produced by Gail Babb.

Coral Messam says: “Human connection through music is one of the most powerful and euphoric forces we know, it’s incredibly empowering. Run It Back is our challenge to the negative stereotypes attached to modern Black British sounds and culture. Add some treble plus a big dose of bass, top it off with a DJ and MC and let the young people speak, vent and wild out! We’re taking our places and bringing them back to life and we’re going to take theatre by storm.”

Conrad Kira says: “Run It Back is close to my heart, it’s about our music and our culture and how important it is to celebrate it, but also the things that can threaten it like gentrification, police and general prejudice. Run It Back’s not your regular theatre experience, it’s going to be loud and immersive like you’ve just walked into a house party. I love working with Talawa. They’re the best and I feel at home here. What they do for emerging artists of colour is unrivalled.”

Gail Babb says: “Artist development is at the heart of what we do at Talawa and TYPT is a big part of that. It is a collaborative process where every member of the TYPT company is invited to add their voice and artistry. To contribute fully with no apologies or expectations to moderate themselves.  TYPT productions are the result of this full expression and they hit hard. Run It Back is going to be like the best party ever, everything that theatre can be.”

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