Preview: Sea Sharp’s Brother Insect at Camden People’s Theatre

Sea Sharp Brother Insect
Sea Sharp Brother Insect

Award-winning poet and theatre maker, Sea Sharp, presents their first full length performance piece, Brother Insect. The work has been commissioned by The Marlborough Theatre’s touring project, New Queers on the Block, in collaboration with Camden People’s Theatre and will bring the 2019 tour to a close it hits London for the first time, then Brighton. Sea Sharp has made use of spoken word in ways that metamorphose their emotionally confrontational and politically charged work from the page onto the stage.

There’s a swarm coming… Many would agree that we live in a racially diverse time with increased tolerance and cultural acceptance. There are now more mixed race families in existence than ever before and the United States have had their first black president. But do symbols of progressive racial equality inherently mean we have achieved real racial sensitivity?

Brother Insect explores what it means to navigate space invisibly, whilst being visibly Black.

Embodying the character of an extra-terrestrial who is straight up bugging, Brother Insect spins a delicate web that is both stupidly playful and forebodingly dangerous, asking questions like: is it possible to encourage liberation without poking the entire hive?

Don’t get stung!

Brother Insect is at Camden People’s Theatre 13th – 14th November 2019.

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