Preview: The D Word at VAULT Festival

Jordan Waller The D Word VAULT Festival
Jordan Waller

Heretic Productions today announce the world première of Jordan Wallers’ The D Word. The production, directed by Max Gill and produced by Ellie Keel for Heretic Productions, opens as part of the VAULT Festival on 13 February and runs until 17 February.

‘Like Jesus, I have lesbian parents. Most people don’t seem to realise that Joseph was actually a woman, a very successful lady carpenter.’

Jordan Waller was born of lesbian parents in 1992. When one of his birth mothers died, he had an existential crisis. This show is the true story of his hunt for his biological father, even though by law he is not allowed to find out who he is.

A fearless, funny, and deeply autobiographical one-man comedy show.

Jordan Waller said today, ‘After one of my lesbian mothers died, so did a part of me. In order to fill the unknowable void left in my life, I tried to track down my sperm donor father. The D Word is a deeply personal and funny story of a boy’s struggle to cope with being different. It’s a celebration of failure. And w*nking off.’

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