The PappyShow to Bring Award-Winning BOYS to New Diorama Theatre

Boys Photo Dina Tse
Boys Photo Dina Tse

The PappyShow will bring their first ever full-length production, the award-winning BOYS, to New Diorama Theatre this month.

In an era where toxic masculinity is the dominant narrative of the male experience, BOYS explores and celebrates diverse experiences of manhood centred on the stories of nine men of colour growing up in London; their ancestry, their present lives and their hopes for the future.

The way we move. The way we talk. The way we think. We want to show you the things about BOYS that you never get to see.

A joyful, fascinating and socially revelatory look at what it means to be a man in 2018, BOYS subverts the myths and stereotypes of the masculine experience (particularly that of young men of colour) with a combination of beautiful, playful movement-driven visual theatre, powerful and humorous direct address storytelling, and joyous interactive play.

The PappyShow was founded by Kane Husbands in 2013 and the company specialises in training and workshops in movement, choreography, and the of use games and free play to create theatre. This perspective and range of skills has created a unique style of performance.

Kane Husbands founded The PappyShow after choreographing the London 2012 Olympics Team Welcome Ceremonies in conjunction with the National Youth Theatre, where they still run workshops presently.                                                            

BOYS was first performed at the 2018 VAULT Festival where it won the Origins Award for Outstanding New Work, and went on to perform to great acclaim at Latitude 2018.

Some cast members change every time the show is performed, with the personal nature of the material performed meaning that each production of the show is different from the last. The common thread is that each version of BOYS is devised and performed by an ensemble whose communities, families and heritage span the entire world, creating a joyful and tender dance that uncovers the endless possibilities which make up a man.

BOYS is at The New Diorama Theatre 27th November to 1st December 2018.



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