The Show Must Go Online’s Julius Caesar Cast Announced

The Show Must Go Online Julius Caesar Cast
The Show Must Go Online Julius Caesar Cast

Two-time OnComm award-winning The Show Must Go Online today announce the full cast for their upcoming livestreamed reading of William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. This follows last weeks livestreamed performance of Henry V which has now been viewed over 10,000 times on YouTube.

Cast includes Georgia Andrews (Octavius Caesar), Emily Beck (Lucius), Will Block (Ensemble), Kit Brenson (Ensemble), Corinna Brown (Messala / Fifth Plebeian), Nicanor Campos (Decius Brutus), Robbie Capaldi (Ensemble), Stephen Connery-Brown (Ensemble), Michael Downey (First Plebeian / Titinius), Mari Hayes (Calphurnia), Genie Kaminski (Casca), Andrew Mockler (Ensemble), Muhaddisah (Trebonius / Lucilius), Russell Proctor (Flavius / M. Aemillius Lepidus), Matthew Rhodes (Fourth Plebeian / Pindarus), Miztli Rose (Cassius), Seyan Sarvan (Portia), Stephen Schnetzer (Julius Caesar), Tom Vanson (Mark Anthony), Jess Vince-Moin (Third Plebeian / Murellus), Dan Wilson (Marcus Brutus), Natalie Winter (Ensemble), Emma Zadow (Ensemble), with Dominic Brewer and Hayley Mitchell as swings.

The livestreamed reading of Julius Caesar can be watched live on Wednesday 29th July at 7pm BST here ( Previous readings from the series are also available here (

The cast have worked with Shakespeare’s Globe, BBC, Soho Theatre, Shakespeare Theatre Company, Windmill Theatre, Bard on the Beach, Les Enfants Terribles, HBO, The Wire, Homeland, Seoul Shakespeare Company, Sydney Fringe Festival, EA Sports, on the West End, Broadway and more.

For updates on the shows, to take part, or to donate to an opt-in hardship fund for the actors who take part, visit:

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