The Space Launch ‘Send In The Clowns’ Festival

Send in the Clowns The Space
Send in the Clowns The Space

The ‘Send In The Clowns’ Festival is the Space’s premier clowning festival. Two weeks of four shows showcasing the best in clowning, physical comedy and circus from some of the most promising companies in the UK. Expect stories of far flung adventures, whirlwind love and poorly hatched plans… what could possibly go wrong?

Nathan And Ida’s Hot Dog Stand by Nathan and Ida.

Nathan and Ida Hardwerker leave the old country to build a better life for themselves in the New World. With nothing but a will to succeed and a secret recipe for sauce, they discover love, dice with danger and tangle with villains to create the hottest hot dog in town. Winner of Best Comedy, Buxton Fringe (2018) and Best Performance, Swindon Fringe (2018).

Come Fly With Fred by Away with the Clowns

Meet Fred. Tired eyes, dirty Jacket, empty pockets. But despite his lonely lifestyle he is guaranteed to make you smile. Join Fred on his daily search for friendship in an explosion of circus, puppetry, physical comedy and break dancing. Partnering with Centre Point, this show is inspired by many honest and moving interactions with London’s homeless community.

Tropez! by Nathan and Ida

In chic Saint-Tropez, a failed cat burglar and a gentle gigolo form an unlikely pair and take aim at the top of St-Trop! Their plan? To pull off the biggest jewel heist in history. A gloriously silly, heart warming tale of friendship, love, and jewels from the makers of Nathan and Ida’s Hot Dog Stand.

Two Clowns Suffer An Existential Crisis by Curios Theatre

After the appearance of a mysterious flashing red light two clowns decide that an audience awaits them. But Eric is crippled by stage fright but Harry wants to take the opportunity to perform something new. Then they discover of a mysterious script. The script of the play they are in. Circus meets magic meets live music in this premier from Curios Theatre.

The Space is fast becoming one of the most exciting fringe venues in London “continually providing a launch pad for new talent” (Spy in the stalls, 2018) programming “incredibly ambitious and interesting new work” (Theatre Box Blog, 2018).  This festival of new work will be no exception.

Full season dates, times and tickets can be found here.

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