The Vaults and Fat Rascal Theatre Announce New Magical Immersive Dining Show: Hexborn’s School Of Sorcery

Hexborns School of Sorcery at The Vaults
Hexborns School of Sorcery at The Vaults

Following the success of Dinner is Coming, Red Palace, Aladdin and The Feast of Wonders, Divine Proportions and Beauty and The Feast, The Vaults announces a spellbinding new immersive theatre dining experience: Hexborn’s School of Sorcery, a haven for witches, wizards and magical Misfits.

A collaboration with Fat Rascal Theatre, the award-winning creators of previous hit shows Unfortunate: The Untold Story of Ursula The Sea Witch, Vulvarine, and Buzz: A New Musical, Hexborn’s will open its doors in September 2020.

Journey deep beneath Waterloo station, through the abandoned tunnels and into a world of magic and mischief. This Autumn, audiences are invited to become students again, where they’ll be sorted into one of four magical houses, attend classes, and explore the twisting corridors of Hexborn’s.

Whether it’s uncovering the mysteries of this strange new world or impressing your professors with your knowledge of mythical beasts, Hexborn’s will unleash your full magical potential – and you might even earn a few house points along the way!

The cauldrons are bubbling and the tables are piled high for the Start-of-Term Feast. But there are rumours of dark forces stirring… and everything is not quite as it seems. So grab your wands, don your robes and prepare to live out your childhood dreams. A new school year is about to begin…

Hexborn’s School of Sorcery is at The Vaults 15th September 2020 to 10th January 2021.

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