Autumn/Winter 2019 Season Announced at The Space

The Space Autumn Winter Season
The Space Autumn Winter Season

The Space has announced their Autumn/Winter 2019 season.

A post-Brexit dystopian thriller set on a golf course, a live radio play within a play and a revival of Ben Elton’s Gasping, this season at the Space is about family, love, greed, and remembering who we are in order to fight back. Original, radical work from some of the most exciting emerging and established talent in the UK.

The Open tees off the season 24th September – 12th October. Set in 2050, a jobsworth and a romantic are stranded on the Great British Golf Course owned by Donald Trump. As they battle tedium, an immigrant rebel crashes into their world. National identity, human rights and the endurance of love are pushed to the limit in this gripping debut play from theatre collective Brave New World.

Then we travel back to the 1930s in a resurrection of W.W. Jacob’s classic novella adapted and presented as a live radio play. From Storyfleas, The Play At 8: The Monkey’s Paw (15th – 19th October) is a dark comedy featuring foley artistry, consummate actors with no personal issues whatsoever, questionable sponsors and the arrival of a mysterious artefact… a monkey’s paw.

Then we have a double bill from Rising Tides, a collective of artists who create work about climate change. Success includes a residency with HighTide and support from The Arcola. Performing in rep is the UK premiere of Between Two Waves (22nd October – 15th November), the story of a neurotic climatologist and his decision whether to have children, and the timely revival of Ben Elton’s “poisonously funny morality play” (Sunday Times) about corporate greed Gasping (24TH October – 16th November).

The Season of Bangla Drama (21 – 23 November) returns with Like A Rambling Stone, the journey of a daughter finding her way to tell her Baba’s stories and Adajhyo – The Unburnable is a new, soulful show sharing the stories of the sex trafficked women on the Indian – Bangladesh border.

Then its time for ★★★★★ “utterly bone chilling” (Londonpubtheatres) transfer from The London Horror Festival – Somna Theatre’s There’s A Man In The Woods (26th – 30th November). Hiding in a storm drain in the Nebraskan woods Russell tries to piece together the warning signs around his alienated son. Brimming with suspense and intrigue this is the story of a father, a son and a search for truth.

Bringing our season to a close is The Prince Of Homburg (10th – 14th December), a radical and modern re-telling of Kleist’s classic with a gender swapped lead. A story of ambition, love and victory asking what we do when reality around us becomes chaotic. Do we actively stand up for what we believe in or passively go on as before?

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