Brexit Wounds is coming to Gilded Balloon what can you tell us about it?

My show is called Brexit Wounds and is as light hearted a look at the mess that is Brexit as you are going to get.

What inspired you to write the the show?

I have a degree in politics so I thought it was about time I actually did something with it.

What’s the best/worst thing about writing a show for Edinburgh Fringe?

The best thing is once the Fringe has begun, you are comfortable with it and people are enjoying your show. The worst thing is absolutely everything else.

How does it feel to be at Gilded Balloon?

It is wonderful to be at Gilded Balloon. This will be the 5th show I have down there and I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.

What’s the one thing about this show that makes it different from all the rest?

The fact that due to the ineptitude of Westminster it has probably been re-written about 30 times now.

Why should people come see Brexit Wounds?

It is the only guaranteed thing that will happen in the Brexit process.

Mark Nelson: Brexit Wounds is at Gilded Balloon – Teviot 31st July – 25th August

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