Edinburgh Preview: Fishbowl at Pleasance Courtyard

Fishbowl courtesy of Pascal Perennec
Fishbowl courtesy of Pascal Perennec

Pleasance Courtyard (Grand)
31st July – 26th August (not 14th)
13.00 (75 mins)
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Winner of France’s Molière Award for Best Comedy Play 2017, Fishbowl now makes its UK premiere, bringing its farcical antics and physical comedy extravaganza to Pleasance Grand. In perfectly choreographed pandemonium, it follows the hilarious misadventures of three eccentric and lovable anti-heroes as they spectacularly fail at life in their wacky rooftop bedsits.

Paper-thin walls barely separate three neighbours – an accident-prone hoarder, a karaoke-loving gadget geek and an inept career junkie – who strike up unlikely and moving friendships. Perfectly capturing the energy of the silent film with meticulously precise slapstick, this hilarious and engaging show quickly became the most celebrated comedy production in France (★★★★★ Le Monde; ★★★★★ Le Parisien).

Fishbowl promises to delight fans of Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Mr Bean with this modern take that really packs a punch; its incredibly realistic set is filled with ingenious magical devices, tricks and surprises that shock and delight. With smoking pans, leaking taps and even wind, Fishbowl’s stage managers become more like puppeteers as the technical genius of the show reaches its climax. This production beautifully explores modern city living, humanity, loneliness, and trying to find your way in the big city.

Writer, director and actor, Pierre Guillois comments, From the very beginning we wanted a play with no dialogue. As we began to imagine Fishbowl as a comedy based around the idea of what goes on in the small rooms that you can find under Paris’ rooftops, one of the big challenges was to keep the humanity and realism of the characters, situations and design while letting the show become a bit over-the-top, a little more absurd and finally totally crazy.

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