Lights! Camera! Action? Jenny Bede isn’t so sure anymore. Trying to impress her agent and a musical producer, Jenny tackles the ambitious job of narrowing down her pitch list. What show should she choose to get the job? A show about mansplaining? Cats, but from her dog’s perspective? A sell-out jukebox musical based on her very own girl group? This hilarious mix is just a taster of what the can’t-miss Jenny Bede: The Musical, now playing at The Mash Room, has up its sleeve.

The early 2000s were a strange time; girl groups were at the top of their game, the pop music industry was booming, and workplace sexism was as strong as ever. Cherry Falls, as Jenny so self-deprecatingly recounts, was the epitome of all three of these facts of life. Join Jenny Bede in a musical explosion that shows her true range as an actress and singer, relives her past as part of a somewhat-successful girl group, and satarises everyday life in the modern era. 

It is rare to find such a young talent with an ability to entertain any audience. But, Jenny Bede’s frenzied, dramatised character appeals to all. Whether she’s bragging about her classical training in musical theatre, or performing one of her latest musicals (of the thousands she’s written in the past month), Jenny’s inflated personality is just the self-effacing humour audiences crave from actors.

Not only does Jenny know exactly what her audience wants, but she also caters her humour to those who aren’t as seasoned in musicals. Her musical skits rarely need any knowledge in musical theatre or dramaturgy, but are just plain fun, brassy, and hysterically self-aware. Jenny keeps her poppy girl-group sound in some of her songs, but in most of them, she displays an impressive amount of vocal and comedic range.

From interacting with the audience, to giving insight into the backstage of the music industry and exposing her own cliche or sexist lyrics, Jenny is bound to hit a chord with everyone and charm them into a good night. Overall, Jenny Bede: The Musical is a modern feat of musical sketch comedy that tells—and pokes fun at—the interesting past, struggling present, and unknown yet hopeful future of its title performer.

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Jenny Bede The Musical at Just The Tonic
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Ian is ecstatic to be reviewing at Edinburgh Fringe again this year and being exposed to all sorts of worldly talent and performance.


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