Having successfully debuted at Ibiza’s Eden last year, before coming to Edinburgh for Hogmanay, Symphonic Ibiza returns to the city for the Fringe playing Underbelly’s Central Hall.  Billed as a party night, this isn’t your ordinary Fringe show, as a live DJ, orchestra and vocalists combine to create one of the best nights I’ve spent at the Fringe.

Created by Andy Joyce, a DJ and producer who has enjoyed residencies at some of Ibiza’s biggest super-clubs, and composer Steve Etherington, this euphoric spectacle has to be seen to be believed. The night is essentially all of those club anthems that have become so synonymous with the Ibiza club scene, performed by a DJ and orchestra.

Thumping tunes and spectacular lighting makes Central hall feel more like a nightclub, but with the joy of live performance.  The vocalists add to the feeling of pure exhilaration that reverberates around the auditorium as the audience enjoys the freedom to dance as if they were really in Ibiza.

I would never call myself a massive fan of this kind of music, but the feeling you get from hearing it performed live by this magnificent orchestra, with the music reverberating through your whole body, is a whole experience of its own.  Of course, for anyone who has ever been clubbing in Ibiza, this will be a whole new, and very enjoyable, take on the soundtracks to their summers.

If you are concerned that perhaps your clubbing days are behind you, then worry not, because this is truly a night for everyone.  The atmosphere that is created feels entirely welcoming and complete strangers from different age groups and backgrounds spent two hours enjoying everything that this night had to offer.

Symphonic Ibiza is a magnificent new way to enjoy some fantastic music, but it’s also staged in such a way that it can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone who loves dance music.  The DJ, vocalists and orchestra combine to create an experience that will leave you wanting to party all night.

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Symphonic Ibiza at Underbelly Central Hall
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