Lights up on five striking silhouettes: Mics clasped in hand and poses strong as steel, they’re the five spices of the UK’s greatest girl-power band of the 1990s, and they’re ready to transport you through their iconic journey to stardom and celebrity. Told through media flashbacks from radio to TV, as well as Jeffrey the announcer, Red Entertainment’s Wannabe: The Spice Girls Show is mashup of number one hits gets the audience thrown on their feet from the very first poppy chord. 

It is rare that such a mix of glowing talent from powerful, individual personalities can form such a cohesive ensemble. Yet, so it was with the Spice Girls, and so it continues to be with Natalie, Rhiannon, Lucy, Gabbie, and Melissa, the girl group’s near-identical counterparts.

Technically, Wannabe: The Spice Girls Show is a vibrant showstopper. Its high yet sensible production value keeps the intensity and audience inclusiveness of a concert by letting the audience feel like the band’s own entourage.

Its smart, versatile staging literally keeps the show all about the spice by silhouetting each member in their own spotlight, backlit by neon lights. Each member’s trademark personality is also mirrored perfectly through their costumes which both change according to the decade’s fashions while keeping their signature spice. 

Additionally, the choreography wasn’t limited by even the highest of Ginger’s sparkling Union Jack heels or Posh’s leather tube dresses. From air-walking to sultry tango to a broadway kick line, these Spice Girls (and Boys!) have got it down to a tee. Their athletic synchronisation is truly commendable, especially while poking fun with the audience, and any true fan will jump from their seat at the end of each number.

At its core, Wannabe is a joyful tribute to a care-free generation, yet one that speaks empoweringly to all other ages at the same time. Girl power won’t be forgotten, and the Spice Girls sure know how to get you to remember it through a catchy tune.

Main Image Credit: Keaton Chau

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Wannabe - The Spice Girls Show at Assembly Rooms
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