HOME Manchester Appoints Darren Pritchard to a new National Task Force

Darren Pritchard
Darren Pritchard

HOME has appointed Manchester performer and theatre maker Darren Pritchard to join a national task force to strengthen the influence of the self-employed theatre and performance community.

HOME is one of 100 organisations across the UK working with Fuel Theatre to create the National Freelance Task Force. The group, which has recruited freelancers from across the UK arts scene, will work to amplify the voices of the self-employed about the future of theatre and performance right now.

A native Mancunian, Darren is a director, producer, choreographer, and vogue house mother. Darren has 20 years of experience in the fashion, theatre, television and performing arts industries. In addition to his leadership in the infamous House of Ghetto and pioneering efforts in Black Pride MCR, Darren is also the co-artistic director for the Manchester-based arts organisation Black Gold Arts.

HOME’s recruitment process was via an open call and worked with Jenni Jackson (Theatre Maker), Saphena Aziz (Producer) alongside Jude Christian (HOMEs Associate Director and Freelance Director) on the selection process to ensure that voices from the sector lead and get to decide who is their representation on the taskforce.

Saphena Aziz, said: ‘I’m so happy that Darren Pritchard will be on the National Task Force for Freelancers representing the North West.  He has a clear, confident, in-depth understanding of the sector, which he’s been working in and supporting for a long time.  His presence on the taskforce will ensure that voices usually left out of the bigger conversations are amplified and heard with special attention paid to QTPOC voices.  It will be a beautiful thing to hear him advocate powerfully his belief that taking care of the most vulnerable and marginalised groups in any society will make things better for everyone’

Darren said: “I am looking forward to working alongside fellow freelancers on the task force to get voices heard, My main focus we be on the QTIPOC community and making sure the often unheard voices are amplified and heard.”

Dave Moutrey, Chief Executive, HOME said: “The task force is a vital forum to ensure that the freelance artistic community of this country have a voice at the highest level to share their fears and concerns in this time of increased uncertainty. We look forward to listening and learning from Darren and the many amazing freelance colleagues who make up so much of this incredible artistic community.”

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