Preview: 00:00 at The Lion and Unicorn Theatre

00:00 at Lion and Unicorn Theatre
00:00 at Lion and Unicorn Theatre

from (a)basement theatre collective is proud to present the full, professional run of the critically-acclaimed original multimedia documentary theatre piece that sets out to liberate suppressed voices and perspectives, while discussing tough social issues in an objective, engaging, and thought-provoking way. 00:00 aims to uncover hidden voices and experiences that have been neglected or suppressed by society.

Told through the perspective of four specialists employed with Network Rail and set on the railway tracks, 00:00 will take the audience on a journey beneath the façades we wear; mental health, society, masculinity, and messy aftermaths in modern Britain. Richly textured with an unorthodox script, virtual multimedia, physical theatre sequences, and intriguing soundscapes, it is a must-watch this summer season.

“If people are going to kill themselves, could they at least do it in the privacy of their own homes and away from public transport? Having my train cancelled because you hate life is selfish as fuck! #selfish”

00:00 is at The Lion and Unicorn Theatre 16th – 20th July 2019.

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