Preview: Double Double Act at The Unicorn Theatre

Double Double Act at The Unicorn Theatre
Double Double Act at The Unicorn Theatre

The Unicorn Theatre presents Double Double Act in association with the acclaimed theatre company, Made In China, a lively and playfully subversive interrogation of the roles and expectations children and adults have of each other, and what makes a good joke. And who really is funny? Or, for that matter, the funniest?

Two double acts – one old and one young – have been booked to perform in the same space at the same time.  As they each vie for control of the stage, they joke, mirror and test each other, reversing roles and expectations.

With ingenious wordplay, sharp delivery and lots of green slime, Double Double Act offers both adults and children the chance to see the world through the others eyes.

The production will feature 4 children who will be performing as themselves and have helped create the show alongside the company. The children performing are Seb Booth (Aged 8), Nayana Crowe (Aged 10), Caitlin Finlay (Aged 7) and Caspian Tarafdar (Aged 7). For each performance Jessica Latowicki and Christopher Brett Bailey will perform alongside two of the children.

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