Preview: I Occur Here at The Drayton Arms Theatre

I Occur Here Drayton Arms Theatre
I Occur Here Drayton Arms Theatre

I Occur Here is a devised physical theatre piece, conceived by Mariana Aristizabal (Colombia) and Malena Arcucci (Argentina) that gathers from the experiences of seven London-based international artists to explore the modern reality of those caught in the fragmentation of voluntary migration. Redefining the notion of home and exploring our seemingly unending capacity for adaptation; the cast explores barely defined destinies towards which today’s youth in free movement hurls itself, in the hopes of answers and future lives unknown.

This is the story of four young migrants that leave the stability of everything they were behind: their language, family, culture and loved ones. They embark on a journey with nothing but a burning desire to belong somewhere.

Starting from a shared sense of cultural, linguistic and physical in-betweenness, this ensemble piece explores the search for stability in a foreign country.

Avoiding conventional narrative structure, a familiar story of movement, travelling and identity is told in free form. Using constraints both real and intangible of the world around the characters we see them strive to become the destinies they search for.

The cast comprises Daniela Cristo Mantilla, Nathalie Czarnecki, Karolina Kriks and Santiago Godoy.

I Occur Here is at The Drayton Arms Theatre 11th – 15th September 2018.

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