Kamara has recently moved from Nigeria to the United States, to join her husband after six years of waiting. She quickly finds out that the dream life her husband Tobechi left for is not there – instead, the engineer is driving a taxi, and they are crammed in a small apartment with poor prospects for the future. Moreover, Kamara has come to understand that an ocean between her and Tobechi had diluted their passion. She starts working as a nanny in an eccentric American family with a pedantic health fanatic and a bohemian artist under the same roof, and tries to learn the oddities of the American culture. Suddenly, Kamara starts realizing that a new exciting desire is crawling into her flavorless life…

Director Erika Eva is a Finnish director, performer and teacher. She has lived in London for over two years now and has recently graduated from East15 MA Theatre Directing programme. She has since directed two plays in London and she’s also the Artistic Director of a physical theatre company Ekata Theatre. Before moving into directing Erika did improvisation theatre, acting and directing in Finland.

On Monday Last Week is at Etcetera Theatre 29th January – 4th February 2018.

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