Preview: Tom and Bunny Save The World at Brighton Fringe

Preview_ Tom and Bunny Save The World at Brighton Fringe
Preview_ Tom and Bunny Save The World at Brighton Fringe

After winning the Brighton Fringe Otherplace/Balkan Award in 2017, Fat Rascal Theatre return to Brighton Fringe with their latest show Tom and Bunny Save the World as part of their UK tour.

As 2018 falls to a zombie apocalypse, Tom and Bunny begin their perilous journey to Yorkshire in quest of sanctuary and a proper cup of tea. From the creators of the award-winning 5* hits Buzz: A New Musical and Beauty and the Beast: A Musical Parody comes a gender-stereotype destroying, black and bloody comedy with a live folk soundtrack. Join Tom and Bunny as they discover what it is to be British in a crisis.

Fat Rascal Theatre’s zombie apocalypse places women in the roles usually taken by men: the soldier, the scientist and the sexual instigator. They place their female characters in the centre of the violence, whilst the men are allowed to be vulnerable, caring and maternal. This wacky, bizarre yet familiar setting allows them to explore and break the traditional gender roles we find within this genre and leaves room to question why they existed in the first place.

Fat Rascal Theatre is an award-winning theatre company, and currently part of the New Diorama Graduate Emerging Companies scheme. They are young, bold and cheeky, exploring taboo subjects with a cup of Yorkshire Tea in hand. They discuss social and political issues through an accessible and appealing format to engage a wider audience. They want to create incredibly entertaining, dynamic and gripping theatre which people are going to want to see for fun, and want them to leave having had a great time but also feeling ready to take on the world. They believe that theatre should always aim to inspire, educate or liberate and should be available to everybody.

Tom and Bunny Save the World is at The Warren, St. Peter’s Church North, York Place, Brighton, BN1 4GU 18th, 19th May at 8pm, 20th May at 4pm.

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