The performance piece 7734 by Jasmin Vardimon Company is a feast for the eyes and ears, that engages the soul, and thereby drives into the mind, to get the audience thinking about its subject matter. Directed and choreographed by Jasmin Vardimon, the group of performers from across the world are full of energy as they use different disciplines to explore the concept of man’s inhumanity towards man. The non-linear structure has a seamless flow, that moves from movement and dance pieces, to scripted scenes, that each explore different areas of the theme. Drawing on human nature, emotion, relationships, and historical events, 7734 is a beautiful piece of art.

There are so many elements of 7734 that can be commended. Each element works together, and the collaboration between the performers, creative team and Pamela Carter’s script, is a real success. Abigail Hammond’s costumes are in neutral colours that work with Chahine Yavroyan’s neutral lighting. Any pop of colour is therefore highlighted, such as the red chequered tablecloth that makes a few appearances. This helps create the jolly mood of the party-like scenes. The costumes’ fabrics enhance the choreography, flowing with the movement, such as the blouse in one of the sections nearer the beginning; it’s delicate chiffon catches the light that has been positioned in the right place to highlight the movement of the performer.

The scripted scenes serve as a guide for the audience, acting as markers by which to understand and navigate the piece. The movement sections then allow the things highlighted by the script to be emotionally and philosophically explored. Each of these 2 scene styles compliment the other, allowing the audience to really think about the themes of the piece. The movement is engaging through a range of techniques employed such as repetition, canon, unison, change of pace and tempo, and change of effort. The different combinations of performers, group sizes, duets, and solos allow different ideas to be explored. The movement sections cause the audience to engage with their own mind, and to think for themselves.

The clever use of props and fabrics is well thought out, and they slot well into the piece. They are given a life of their own though puppetry techniques, such as the handkerchief that a soloist interacts with. Sometimes so many different elements can make a piece feel overcrowded, but in 7734 they all fit in, and mesh together.

Overall, 7734 is a piece of an exceptionally high standard. It is both a beautiful piece of art, and presents a thought-provoking concept in an engaging way. Each performer has energy and stamina resulting in a high level of execution. It is memorable, and impactful.

7734 can be viewed for a limited time here

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Jasmin Vardimon Company’s 7734
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Jasmin Vardimon Company’s 7734
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