With just a jump to the left, and then a step to the right, the iconic Rocky Horror Show is back out on tour, and as wildly entertaining as always.  Written by Richard O’Brien, and first seen at The Royal Court in 1973, the madcap musical has enjoyed world-wide success, and here directed by Christopher Luscombe doesn’t fail to disappoint its loyal fans.

This love letter parody of science fiction and horror B movies, sees newly engaged couple, Brad Majors and Janet Weiss stranded in a storm thanks to a flat tyre.  Luckily (or perhaps not) they find a nearby castle, inhabited by a mad transvestite scientist known as Frank N Furter, the equally crazy staff and a ‘monster’ named Rocky Horror.

Joanne Clifton, who recently dazzled audiences in Flashdance proves that she’s right at home on the stage, with an exceptional performance as Janet Weiss.  Ben Adams, who also starred alongside Clifton in Flashdance, is reunited with his co-star to play Brad Majors.  He grasps his inner nerd with both hands, giving a superb performance, which of course becomes raunchier as the show progresses.

Stephen Webb is shockingly good in the role of Frank N Furter, the sex crazed alien who gets up to all sorts in, and out of the bedroom, this role will be played by Duncan James in certain tour venues.  Kristian Lavercombe’s Riff Raff is a wonderful homage to Richard O’Brien’s original interpretation of the role.

Callum Evans, plays the titular Rocky Horror, a kind of Frankenstein’s monster created in the lab to be Frank N Furter’s personal play thing.  Evans shows off some seriously impressive acrobatic skills as part of an already accomplished performance, driving the already enraptured audience to the point of frenzy.

If you’ve never seen Rocky Horror Show on stage before, then you should know it has a very devout following.  Don’t be surprised to arrive at your local theatre and find plenty of people dressed up (or in some cases dressed down!). There’s also a good chance that they’ll know all the words and that comes in very handy.

Probably to the distress of theatre etiquette purists, the audience are actively encouraged to shout out certain lines at pre-determined points, it can be disconcerting at first, but you soon get caught up in it all.  Don’t worry if you don’t know the specific shout out’s, just enjoy hearing everyone else do it.

Rocky Horror Show is one of those wonderfully wacky musicals which underneath all its bravado has an impressive score, the most famous song of course is ‘Time Warp’ which gets everyone up on their feet twice during the performance.  It’s cult-like following always ensures a good turn out, but newbies can easily fall in love with its raucous charm and saucy relevance.

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