Save The Hazlitt Theatre Campaign – New Song Released By Composer Of The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

Save the Hazlitt
Save the Hazlitt

Along with many regional theatres in the UK, the future of the Hazlitt Theatre is looking uncertain after Maidstone Borough Council agreed that “all options” must be considered in the face of cutbacks to budgets.

All the Little Things has been released on Soundcloud to help raise awareness to save Maidstone’s only theatre. The song has been written by multi-award-winning theatrical song writer Darren Clark, composer of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and The Wicker Husband.

The song has been recorded by youth theatre members Devon Cable and Lee Bradley.

Clark says, “Amateur and youth theatre has been a huge part of my life since I was a child, it’s where I made friends, learnt about community and where I got a start in my career. I don’t know where I’d be without it. This isn’t just about The Hazlitt, it’s about regional theatres across the country. They are more important than people realise.”

The Hazlitt Theatre, which stages a highly successful and popular annual panto, relies on the subsidy from the council and the panto season to remain open.

Hazlitt Youth Theatre Leader Jenny Longley said: “The Hazlitt Youth Theatre has been running for 22 years, and alongside Hazlitt Dance company we see 300 children walk in and out the doors a week.

“It has a massive positive impact on the young Maidstone community. We see confidence grow, friendships made and careers begin. It would be a disaster to lose it.”

Listen to All The Little Things Here.  Listeners can sign the petition to save the Hazlitt Theatre here.

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