Switchflicker Productions Announce the London Première and UK Tour of Chanje Kunda’s Plant Fetish

Chanje Kunda’s Plant Fetish
Chanje Kunda’s Plant Fetish

Following a successful run at HOME, Manchester, Switchflicker Productions today announce the London première and UK tour of Chanje Kunda’s Plant Fetish.

Darren Pritchard directs Chanje Kunda in this one woman show. The production opens as part of the 2020 Vault Festival from 21-22 March, with previews at Oldham Coliseum on 10 March, before touring to Hull Truck Theatre, Bury MET, Salisbury Playhouse, Bernie Grants Arts Centre, and Pound Arts, concluding its run at The Holbeck on 28 June.

Chanje Kunda was suffering with anxiety when she discovered that plants reduce stress. She then learnt that some women in Mexico, fed up with men, were getting married to trees. The trees aren’t very talkative, but they are tall, do great things for the planet, and are renowned for their wood. Chanje was inspired and surrendered to this notion. She fell in love with plants, fleshy succulents, monstera’s hand shaped leaves, venus flytrap, the twining of a creeper. The pressures of life drifted away.

This show maps her journey and features a harem of stunning tropical plants. There will be music and movement, dramatic narrative and metaphors and growth and renewal, and the show ends on a climax…

With us forever comparing our lives to those of others on social media and the superficial numbers game that is dating via online apps, Plant Fetish will inspire audiences to embrace foliage over FOMO!

Chanje Kunda said today, “I started buying and cultivating lots of plants in a bid to save myself and the planet from impending demise, it changed my life and I decided to make a show about it. The show is a celebration of diversity, and is designed to inspire people to reclaim the right to experience joy, to dance and enjoy exotic plants and nature, outside of the ideologies that make people stressed out in the first place. Engaging with plants and nature is a pleasurable way to lead more enjoyable and less stressful lives by becoming mindful of the beauty of creation”

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