Edinburgh Preview: The Words Are There at theSpace at Surgeons Hall

The Words Are There
The Words Are There

The Words Are There
theSpace at Surgeons Hall (Theatre 1)
2nd – 24th August (not 11th)
Various Times (60 mins)
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In The Words Are There we encounter a man in a unknown space and unknown time. Within the show he attempts to recreate and refashion his past relationship. Using extraordinarily detailed physical theatre/mime and puppetry he brings his partner back into his life in an attempt to find closure and find the right words to convey what they had at one time and what she meant to him. The actor utters just 3 words in 52 minutes.

Life has left Mick speechless, but in his silence there lies a story. Amidst childhood falsehoods and fragmented memories, he struggles to find the words for a very important day. A compelling and powerful endurance piece of 5 star comic/tragic physical theatre delving into the silence, taboo and lesser learned side of male domestic abuse. It was listed as one of the top shows of 2018 in Ireland in The Arts Review.

‘..Only a true genius could not only make a mop come alive, but also represent something Beautiful and Loveable..’ ★★★★★ – (yanareviews.com).
‘..A first class example of how to make great theatre…Don’t deal in regret, go see it! Soul-stirringly good’ ★★★★★ (TheArtsReview.com).
‘..Makes you reach for words like Compelling and Riveting to convey the magic of the actor/authors spellbinding performance..’ (nomoreworkhorse.com).

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