Doug Cooper plays Inspector Peacock in Take Note Theatre’s for the brand-new production of Sherlock Holmes and The Invisible Thing to be staged at Rudolf Steiner Theatre – a stone’s throw from Holmes’ 221b Baker Street.

The play was originally performed at the Tabard Theatre in 2016 and has been revised and restaged for the current run.

Sherlock Holmes and The Invisible Thing runs 17th July to 18th August.  More details and tickets here.

You’re appearing in Sherlock Holmes and the Invisible Thing, what can you tell us about it?

It’s a most entertaining and intriguing play that should appeal equally to both Holmes fans and non-fans. Sherlock Holmes and Watson are called to a Gothic Mansion to solve a murder committed by a seemingly Invisible Thing. I don’t want to reveal too much about the plot but as Holmes pieces together the puzzle he certainly meets his match.

The venue is right at the heart of Sherlock Holmes’ world. How does that help you as a performer and the audience get in to the production more?

The Rudolf Steiner Theatre is just a minutes walk from 221B Baker Street. The appetite for Holmes seems insatiable so for tourists, Sherlock fans and general theatre-goers it will be a hoot to see a play performed in the heart of Baker Street. We’re currently rehearsing in Chiswick, nowhere near the venue but I am looking forward to getting into the space.

Tell us about your character?

I’m playing the dogged and not always smart Police Inspector Peacock – sceptical of the supernatural, in awe of Sherlock Holmes and fiercely protective of Miss Grendle.

What do you like about playing him most?

Lots of things but I also get to eat a sandwich on stage.

Will Conan Doyle fans recognise this as a “traditional” Sherlock Holmes story?

It’s set in the same era as a traditional Sherlock but it’s a new story by Greg Freeman. It shouldn’t deter them from coming along though and Greg has come up with a quirky yet faithful tribute to the world’s most famous detective.

It’s been updated since its run at the Tabard Theatre, what’s been the biggest change?

I wasn’t involved in the last production but Greg has developed the script since the last time round so it will be interesting to hear what’s changed.

What would you say to anyone thinking of coming to see Sherlock Holmes and the Invisible Thing?

Give it a go – it’s a fun, enjoyable play that provides an amiable and agreeable night at the theatre, full of Gothic spills, thrills and much amusement.

Sherlock Holmes and The Invisible Thing featuring Doug Cooper runs 17th July to 18th August.

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