KNITmas c. Tom Ziebell
KNITmas c. Tom Ziebell

Take a sideways look at what really makes Christmas special in SharkLegs’ latest adventure for children 4+, Knitmas, A Christmas Yarn. In a workshop before the show, get crafty and make something that will help our heroes light up the forest and realise that they are not alone in this mischievous and magical world.

LongSleeves is a jumper. His jumpery arms aren’t the right size and they aren’t the same length. One Christmas he was unwrapped, thrown aside and forgotten and he’s been alone ever since. Every Christmas he decorates a tree in the forest of Odds and Bods but this year, maybe he won’t have to do it alone…

Kezia Cole and Richard Hay said, “It’s great to be returning to Greenwich Theatre again, last year was such a brilliant experience and got us feeling super Christmassy, so this year we are back with even more glitter and mischief. When we were making the show we met with some fantastic older people and introduced them to some brilliant (and loud) 4 year olds, we all shared festive stories and decorated a practice Christmas tree together, on the 4th of September (it’s never too early to bring people together for Christmas!). Knitmas is all about bringing people together and making sure than no one is forgotten, especially at this time of year. In rehearsals we have had a very silly time working out how to bounce on a bungee cord, moonwalk in flippers and how to help Santa fly without getting glitter up your nose – all important Christmas stuff!”

SharkLegs is a visual theatre company making work which is irreverent and poignant with more references to 80s cartoons and electro-swing than is perhaps healthy. It is their mission to make creative work for the creative audience: work which inspires audiences to find their own creativity and look at the world in a new way – to see the robot in the cardboard box or the paper puppet in the copy of the Metro. Past shows include SNOW-pocalypse (Greenwich Theatre), and The Inevitable Heartbreak of Gavin Plimsole (UK tour 2016).

Knitmas, A Christmas Yarn is at Greenwich Theatre 8th to 30th December 2018.

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