Preview: Tropicalia Island at Arcola Theatre

Tropicalia Island photo by Thomas Kirk Shannon
Tropicalia Island photo by Thomas Kirk Shannon

After a sold out premiere at VAULT Festival, the dark political comedy Tropicalia Island is back, this time at Arcola Theatre, part of CASA – London’s Festival of Latin American Arts.

A mud flood has covered almost the whole world. Only one safe place remains: Tropicalia Island. Amanda Ferreira is the native immigration officer receiving refugees (the audience) willing to flee from their submerged countries to seek asylum in her tropical paradise. Of course, there are rules and it won’t be easy for the ‘exotic’ white people to fit in.

Tropicalia Island is a modern allegory of our times, full of music, dance and irony. Expect fake coconut trees, carnival costumes, feathers, cocktails in an evening of laughter and surprises. Written and performed by Fernanda Mandagará and directed by Ramiro Silveira, Tropicalia is a tropical escape to reality. Will you be accepted? Apply for your Visa now!

Tropicalia Island is at The Arcola Theatre Studio 20th – 27th July 2019.

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Text: Fernanda Mandagará
Director: Ramiro Silveira
Cast: Fernanda Mandagará, Charlotte Laporte, Leanne Shorley and Sophie MacArthur
Voice Over: Robin Ian HallSmith and Eleanor Rowe
Stage Manager and Producer Assistant: Carla Tosta
Costume Designer: Susana Pedroso
Set & Props: Luis Benkard
Light Designer: Imanol Rubio
Graphic Designer: Maura Hayas
Photos: Leandro Facundo
Production: Tropical Company

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