Inspired by the aftermath of the 2015 General Election, Wet Bread comes to Festival 47 at Kings Head Theatre following a highly successful run at the Brighton Fringe. Written by BBC Trans Comedy Award winner Tom Glover, Wet Bread is a one-woman satire about left-wing activism in a right-wing world.

Adele can’t work out how the Tories are in power – everyone she knows voted Labour. The shocking aftermath of the election inspires her next mission: to change the world for the better in a year.

She’ll end fracking, help the homeless, save whole families from a life on welfare, teach her niece about charity, learn to do Twitter, keep Britain in Europe and dedicate her life to putting things right (not Right). Unfortunately, her mum’s cancer is getting worse, her best friend has all the wrong opinions and the love of her life won’t convert to veganism. It would all be so much better if everyone just agreed with her. But change doesn’t happen just because you want it to – can Adele learn to listen as well as shout?

Glover comments, “It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to bring Wet Bread to London, especially in the turbulent political times we find ourselves in. What’s great about doing a political show is that the show is nuanced by current affairs and the ever-changing nature of politics at the moment, means the show resonates differently over time. It was great that it received such a positive response at Brighton, as it was a piece questioning and satirising the ‘typical’ left-wing Brighton resident. I look forward to seeing how the show plays in this post-election world.”

Wet Bread is at The Kings Head Theatre 10th, 11th and 13th July 2017.

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