Acclaimed Pickle Jar from Maddie Rice Transfers to Soho Theatre

Pickle Jar, Soho Theatre C. Amelia J.Dowd
Pickle Jar, Soho Theatre C. Amelia J.Dowd

Coming to London after a critically acclaimed run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2018, Pickle Jar is the debut play written and performed by Maddie Rice, the star of smash-hit Fleabag’s UK and international tour. An undeniably witty one-woman show, Pickle Jar follows a teacher ready to shape a generation of fierce, poised, self-assured young women even if she’s not quite sure how to how to be a grown-up yet herself.

Stranger danger, heartbreak and piña coladas are all on the syllabus when you’re learning how to be a Responsible Adult. The pressures of teaching, Tinder and outrageous best mates are a lot to juggle. It’s hard keeping it together when your whole life is falling apart.

Tackling important social issues of consent and victim-blaming, Pickle Jar is honestly and sharply written. It’s a refreshing look at life for young women self-consciously navigating optimistic female empowerment while getting swept away by the excitement of playful sexuality. An acutely observed production, Pickle Jar is a moving piece about friendship, grief and mixing metaphors which never fails to be funny.

Director, Katie Pesskin comments, “Life isn’t black and white and the grey areas surrounding consent and responsibility are extensive. We really want to start a conversation about the complexities of these issues with a wider audience so we’re delighted to be bringing Pickle Jar to London. We’re not proposing to have all the answers but we hope that the audience will leave the show understanding why Miss feels the way she does, questioning how they feel about it, and knowing we need to create a society in which we all feel that we can talk about these issues. We also hope they’ll leave having had a good laugh!”

Pickle Jar is at Soho Theatre 23rd October – 10th November 2018.


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